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Disney plus sound issues

disney plus sound issues The monthly fee was £5. Credit: Disney. Go to Settings > Sounds (or Settings > Sounds & Haptics), and drag the Ringer and Alerts slider back and forth a few times. Eastern, Disney Plus was up Related: Disney’s Primary Focus Now On Streaming. Troubleshooting TV Screen Breaking up, or Sound Bar Issues. This problem is not exclusive to models not certified by Disney + since even on top brand phones or tablets they seem to have this limitation. You can then select As Trusted Reviews’ TV & Audio Editor Kob Monney wrote when he fired up Disney Plus: “Currently titles are only listed as being available in 5. I guess Disney has to fix that. This is near the max volume I would normally use under any other circumstance. DD+ (aka E-AC3) has been around since 2008 and there have been no updates to the codec. 99/month, as well as a 7-day free trial. Managed to get the app to use TV experience and all but when I play a video there is no sound. If the remote is programmed to control the television volume, it may have to be programmed to control the video device volume. 99, €6. The PS4 app is perfect and every other streaming app is perfect too. Just setup the new Samsung Q70T, enabled Atmos (Settings > Sound > Expert Settings > Enable Dolby Atmos Compatibility), started Disney Plus app selecting a movie that I know has Atmos (which I confirmed on my LG CX TV), but all i get is 5. Come on Sky, Sonos and Disney, this is proper rubbish, I didn't pay £49. By Scott Tobias Sign Disney Plus was built in conjunction with BAMTech, the streaming technology provider behind services like HBO Now and ESPN Plus. If you don't hear any sound, or if your speaker button on the Ringer and Alerts slider is dimmed, your speaker might need service. It won’t necessarily work for you, but this worked for me. Apple TV Plus, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max and more are all competing for The problem with this approach—or at least Disney’s 10-device limit in particular—is that it could easily be hit by a single household as well, especially with a service that caters to the Select the “Audio” option at the 3rd option on the list. 99 a month, or $89. The latest hotfix for the Nvidia Shield TV is fixing up some known issues with Disney+ as well as fixing up some other bugs affecting some users. Step 1: Check optical audio cable Unplug the SPDIF cable from your Foxtel Now box and sound bar/amp, then re-attach Close and Refresh Disney Plus App Using App Switcher. Select the “ Audio ” tab under “Display and sound”. BUT, they will vacillate between standard and HDR. Here’s what you need to know. When I open a you tube in Google,my headset mutes and the sound plays from my sound card even when my headset is set as the default device. Launch the Netflix app and select a movie or TV show. On the fire stick, under Settings>Display&Sounds>Audio>Surround Sound , it was set to “Best Available”. 6 system and beyond, the only limit is how many audio objects are playing. Connect the Roku player to a different input on the AVR or soundbar (ideally one you know works) and see if you can now hear audio. This is likely I have a Samsung Q60R soundbar (hooked up to a Sony X900E tv) and I am having issues with the DIsney Plus app and random audio drops. Since the early days of Disney+, subscribers have taken to forums, including Reddit, to point out how buggy Disney’s streaming service is on the PS4. 19, which is a week later than it initially Disney Plus lets users create up to 10 profiles and stream up to four devices at the same time. Then start it up and try logging back in again. If you are having the same issue despite turning accessibility off on the tv, app, etc. Another issue is that Disney is also pre-rendering it's Dolby Atmos tracks. Update for the Disney app casting through Smart TV with built-in Chromecast. Turn off the TV and the audio system. On 11/19/2019 at 4:01 AM, brian_ehv said: Probably Disney+ is using the newest audio format of DD+ and your audio system does not support this format. Disney Plus review: The streaming service for the young and young at heart. Sometimes it'll happen 2-3 times in a 10 second period, then won't happen again for another 5 minutes. Check your volume. 0. Make sure that the software version of the product is updated. I had the same issue. If that doesn't work then play with your audio settings which is way more time consuming. Issue 2 - Previously when browsing Netflix, hovering over the titles, the prog would preview with audio, suddenly only visual, no audio with the Arc, irrespective of whether I access Netflix through the Sky Q box or directly through the TV App. " By 5 p. Sound issues/skipping with Disney+. here’s a workaround for now! How to Turn Audio Descriptions Off on Roku for Disney+ If you’ve checked all your accessibility settings on the Roku (by pushing the star button while in Disney+ watching a movie/show) and you’re still getting audio Disney+ outage map with current reported problems and downtime. This is normally caused when your player defaults to the incorrect audio track. Same problem here. Now, it seems the problem has either passed or never actually materialised, so Disney+ is back to full quality, including picture and sound: 4K, HDR, Dolby Atmos, it's all there. The type (and format) of content being played could also be a On Disney Plus the month of April will no doubt be dominated by Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which kicks off its first two episodes in March, but will actually finish up with its sixth and final Disney+ is still in its infancy though, so it's not uncommon to see playback issues, such as buffering, while watching your shows and movies. ADVERTISEMENT Editor’s note: A previous version of this article noted Disney+ lacked a “Continue Watching” feature. 1 system to a 9. In this video i have shown how to install Disney Plus and if your box do not get sound, how to get sound working, remember this is just a new way to get soun I haven't had these issues at all on my various fire devices. Right up until the streaming service’s release, we weren’t even sure exactly what time it would be available, and now that it is, you might still be having some issues actually getting Disney+ Do yourself a favor if your audio worked, then suddenly stopped. My typical listening volume is around 40 but I have to turn up to 60 when watching Disney Plus. Almost every streaming device supports Disney+. Check it out below. If the When connecting your computer to an HDMI device, such as a monitor, TV, or surround sound speakers, you might encounter display or sound issues. Rather, the problems appear rooted in Disney Plus' authentication systems, which handle the process of verifying users are valid subscribers with Disney's own apps and third-party devices. But one issue I AM having I think is more due to my crappy broadband. At the Surround Sound, there are multiples sub-options, including best available, Stereo, Always Dolby Digital Plus and Always Dolby Digital option. 4. I had issue with Disney not sending atmos to the amp so bought a 4K fire stick - job done and amp now receives sound as it should - yes it’s £50 but cheaper than changing amps/TVs etc CPU : Ryzen 5 3600XT @ 3. Check that your speakers are turned on and aren't muted. Another common error code that Disney Plus is spitting out is Error 42. Detection is automatic. Watch Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, or National Geographic in amazing 4K HDR and even Dolby Vision (requires new SHIELD TV) Known issues: App may not be available on rooted SHIELDs or if you have While the app is quite stable for the first release for most of the devices, some users were facing issues with the app from day one. Is this going to be fixed soon, I have atmos on Netflix, my 4k uhd movies, and my xbox games. Sorting out intermittent issues is always more difficult, of course. (See Disney's official list of supported devices. I changed that setting to “Always Dolby Digital” (not Dolby Digital Plus, see item #1 in the article). I have a problem with Disney+ Disney+ outages reported in the last 24 hours How to fix Disney Plus video playback issues? We recommend following the steps in the order listed below. Forgot to add if the above makes no difference, switch off the television and box and try temporary removing the HDMI cable at both ends or try a different cable or HDMI socket on the television if both Disney + and Netflix is not playing any sound. Also, the promised Dolby Atmos sound on many titles, which is still available in the USA, has been degraded to poorer-quality surround sound. On older iPhones, double tap the Home button to bring up the app switcher. This has a secondary benefit of getting you significantly better sound than the horrible TV On your audio system, press the INPUT or TV button to switch the input to TV. The main issue I have had is the inability to pause or stop a show or movie and resume later. On the BT headphones, you can hear the "clicking" sound as you use the remote to navigate the menu within the Disney+ app, but then soon as you play content, no audio. Hello, I’ve just purchased a Plex Pass and installed the android app on my X96 mini android box. 99 ($6. Make sure the Media volume is turned up on your phone or tablet. I can access Disney Plus via Roku OR through Samsung SmartTV apps and all other channels/apps (Netflix, Prime Video, etc. 2. ) sound fine. It is not speed hacking Disney magic Kingdom anymore. I imagine we could have possibly sorted it out if we continued to experiment, but, ultimately, we decided that we shouldn’t have to sort out something like this on a new set when the same configuration and hardware have posed no While some users were able to log into their Disney Plus accounts without issue, many fans were victims of the type of high traffic connection problems that tech companies face with major launches. 2. The PS4 app is perfect and every other str No dolby digital 5. Have Disney + on my Nvidia Shield and no sound issues. Some users couldn’t get an audio output; mostly on their smart TVs and smart boxes. 1, but the app only plays sound through our TV Disney has recently launched its video streaming service, Disney Plus which is officially known as Disney+, in an effort to challenge the already booming video streaming market. Most Dolby Atmos tracks are dynamic and can work for a 5. US. They have been facing since the introduction of Walt Disney Studios’ subscription-based service, the Disney Plus. If Disney Plus prevents you to access their service, you can logout and close the app. Reset the audio by pressing Mute on the video device remote. Play the movie. 4. If you’re not partial to waiting on hold, there’s a live chat option available over at the Disney Plus help centre. Launch the App Switcher on your iPhone or iPad and then close the app. Hii I am playing Disney magic Kingdom but with new update, I am unable to use cheat engine on it. Disney appears to have delayed the launch of Disney+ in Puerto Rico. 1 just fine. Disney Plus launches on the Xbox One in North America on November 12, 2019. If you use a receiver that does not support Dolby Digital Plus, you will hear no sound if you select Dolby Digital+. I've watched a bunch of movies and shows on Disney plus in HDR and they look honestly glorious. Restrictions were lifted on 29th June so given that it's now Cursed July, you shouldn't run into any problems at all. Can you help with this issue? Thank This fixed the issue, but Disney needs to solve the HDR compatibility. Thanks for updating this thread. If these steps don't immediately resolve your audio issue, then: 1. Check to see if you can play audio using another application. anyway - change the global Roku menu audio system settings to stereo for Disney plus app sound to correctly output. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this type of question. For example, on Amazon Fire TV go to Settings > Display & Sounds > Audio > Dolby Digital Output and then choose Dolby Digital Plus OFF . Check the sound on your device. If you find a movie or a TV show that you want to watch, it might sound good to add it to your favorites, or to your watchlist as Disney Plus like to call it. Disney Plus Sound Issues. The South Korean TV giant recently claimed that its TVs offer an unmatched library of audio and video streaming apps and named Disney Plus as one of the marquee apps available on its smart TV platform. Even if you don’t think that’s the case, it’s probably a good idea to double-check your account settings to make sure any payment information hasn’t been compromised. Close other applications that may be open at the same time. However, if you have had issues with downloading the Disney+ app on either of the new devices, there are a few things it could be. 8/4. In a cruel twist, nobody seems to be able to find a solution to the error code that shares the same two digits as the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. 14 of the best Disney Plus movies and shows to watch right now; Price. Luckily there's something you can do about it. Had to go into audio options on sky box and set it to normal instead of Dolby Digital - otherwise zero sound. Forum discussion: Anyone having issues on the Start STB with no sound when using the Disney + App? All other apps have sound. Our advice is going to help you determine the reason why you have playback problems on Disney Plus so that you can fix them. The audio delay issue could be due to a bug in the Fire TV Stick's Fire OS or just some basic hitch in the device's operation. m. Composite audio cables commonly have a red or white connector. UHD TV: How To Reset The Sound To Factory Defaults (2014 Models) If these steps do not resolve your issue please get in touch through one of the options below: - Contact Samsung Care New Zealand experts on 0800 726 786 The Disney streaming platform has hundreds of movie and TV titles, drawing from its own deep reservoir classics and from Star Wars, Marvel and more. I wonder if it's a subscription issue, as in pay more money for better audio type deal. They could have learned a lesson from Apple by having the apps available a few weeks before launch. On a computer or mobile device,* check the volume control found in the lower corner of the video you’re watching to make sure that it isn't muted or that the volume isn't set too low. "My favorite Before you start streaming your favorite Disney movies on Disney Plus, you’ll need to get signed up for an account. Press the 'Home' button on the TV remote, select 'Settings', and choose 'Sound'. Edge is great,I can set any output device and also the sound is clear. After entering the PIN, you should be able to switch the various functions such as the clicking sounds on and off. Verify the firmware version of the built-in Chromecast (contact the TV manufacturer if unsure how to check the firmware), if the version is above 1. Select the “Surround sound” option. I use Chrome and this was maddening for reference I use uBlock as my application of choice. 10. 99 a year, Disney is heavily invested in the service's appeal as the "streaming wars" heat up. Change your password, too! And while some titles are more affected than others, it is still highly disappointing to get to an action sequence you loved in theaters to only hear it severely limited in the sound department. How to Fix Disney+ Audio Quality Problems Disney+ supports 5. It could be due to an internal glitch, but it might also be because a third party has gained access to your account. S. Please help me in solving the issue. Yes. 4 Kudos. There’s also a Disney Plus bundle available that adds Hulu and ESPN+ for a total of $12. If that didn’t help, you might want to reinstall the Disney Plus app entirely. If you have a 2019 Shield, turn on Dolby Audio Processing. When Disney was ramping up the hype machine for its Disney+ streaming service, one of the Question: Q: Disney Plus sound issue We have a 4K Apple TV and some of the movies on the Disney plus app the background sound is clear but there’s no sound for any of the talking. 99 / AU$8. If you have an external audio system connected to your device, Disney+ will detect and deliver the highest-quality audio the system can support. Usually signified by the error code 83 or 42, this was one of the most common problems when Disney+ first launched, typically due to server overload. . If you like to sort things out over the phone, you can give Disney Plus Australia a call on 1800-965-160 between 8:00am and 12:00am Monday to Sunday. Most of these movies have a delayed arrival to Disney+ because they were already made available to other streaming services and Disney won’t be able to start streaming them until those Disney Plus has a long way to go before it's ready to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with services like [+] Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. Turn on the TV first, then turn on the audio system. If you have a 2015-2017 model, you will have to make do with Stereo audio. If you can, then there is a problem with the previous input on AVR or soundbar. Some of them are hardware related but most are software related. All preamps/recievers built in the last 10+ years will support it. 99, AU$8. 99), making it a very tempting proposition indeed. If the audio system connected to the TV doesn't support DTS or Dolby Digital, it may not output sound depending on the type of broadcast or Disney Plus got off to a rocky start with widespread technical problems for the streaming service on launch day — and a week later, the company says it’s still seeing a high level of incoming calls Disney responded to this outage, tweeting that demand "has exceeded our highest expectations," and that it's "working quickly to resolve any current issues. Please follow the steps below to solve your issue: 1. Disney plus audio. Is anyone else having this issue and how do we fix it? Guessing it’s a Disney app Lucas Dolby thing trying preserve the true Dolby if its there - bet it sounds awesome. So here you go! These are the best possible fixes if your Disney Plus is not loading on Samsung TV or LG TV or any other smart TV. Nov 13, 2019 7:28 AM AppleTV 4K Disney Plus app black screen with sound If the TV itself is the issue, you might need to get a sound bar or receiver that can delay the audio. Press the "Audio" button as many times as needed until the correct audio track is selected, and you can hear the full movie audio. Now this only has issues with the Android TV app (I understand most people probably have Samsung tvs here). Sign up for Disney+ and start streaming today. Newer iPhones and iPads don’t have a Home button. Please enter your email and password log in credentials to start streaming movies and TV series from Disney+ streaming. I own a Fire Tv and a few days ago the sound on the English audio of all Hey everyone, I have a Samsung Q60R soundbar (hooked up to a Sony X900E tv) and I am having issues with the DIsney Plus app and random audio drops. But it doesn't have to be that way. Hide sidebar Show sidebar One with 5. 1 Surround Sound an Dolby Atmos, but if you are not getting the sound quality you expect, you can fix this on your own. The major no sound or audio bug may have been addressed with the version 1. Video, no sound. There are at least three known causes of the issue: The connection between the television and the console cannot interpret the output signal from the PS4 and reconcile it with the television’s native output capacity. Thanks For people that are having this issues this is most likely caused by an ad-blocker and or a VPN service. More Less. You will need to whitelist Disneys URL or disable the ad-blocker or turn off your VPN. 3. In this option, you will see Navigation sounds, Surround Sound, and Advance Audio Option. Disney Plus tips and tricks Coincidentally, Disney has recently stopped offering its seven-day trial for new subscribers to the service – so if you haven't signed up yet but wish to sing along to every word of Alexander Hamilton , you'll have to commit to at least one £5. The android box is connected to the TV using HDMI. To correct this issue, please follow the steps below: 1. NVIDIA recently posted on the GeFore forums explaining these issues. The company said Tuesday that the service will now roll out in Puerto Rico on Nov. Disney+ is the home for your favorite movies and TV shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. Article continues below advertisement If you happen to have a 2016 Samsung Smart TV, you may have noticed that Disney Plus has suddenly stopped working with your TV — even if you’ve used it without any issues before. Disney no doubt prepared for heavy traffic on launch day traffic, but there are also limits to what can be done in advance to mitigate issues like this. 1. Have Most likely, whatever audio device you are using (TV, sound bar) does not support Dolby Digital Plus / E-AC3, which is the 5. Follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve the issue. Though there are some common problems faced by users, and in this post, we will guide you with all common problems of Disney plus and how to fix it . Check the OPTICAL/COAXIAL setting: Setup → Input Setup → OPTICAL/COAXIAL. Disney Plus launched in the States in November 2019, rolling out to other territories (including Europe and the UK) the following March. Like every few minutes. Start with Your Internet Connection If Disney Plus is experiencing issues on your Amazon Fire TV Stick, set-top box, or smart TV you can go into Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Disney+. Disney has scaled back bit rates, which means that the promised Ultra HD 4k content – which is being streamed in lower than full 4k quality – does not look as good as it should. By Simon Cohen November 19, 2019. 36 and newer, the issue should be resolved. Locate the "Audio" button on your player's remote control. While your movie or TV show is playing, use the volume controls on the side of your device to increase the volume to the desired level. 5GHz, Graphics Card : AMD RX 5700XT, Disney Plus has been out in the wild for US, Canadian, Australian, New Zealanders, and Netherlands residents since late November 2019. When watching any show on Disney+ on our Roku Ultra, the sound will "skip" or disappear for a split-second several times throughout the show. As we have verified we continue with the same limitations with the sound that we hope will be solved soon, reporting this issue to Disney with messages. 1 surround sound with the Disney+ app if you're using Samsung smart TV running a toslink cable to your AVR--only stereo. . Nov 2020. If the sound issues are only occurring when using the audio device with a TV, refer to this additional information. That would be a lot simpler as compared to the built-in browser of your Samsung TV or LG TV. If your sound is out of sync with your video, it typically points to a problem with the title you're trying to watch, or to a problem with your device. Other issues, granted, had to do with the apps Disney pushed out at the last minute. Use the information in this document to check your settings and troubleshoot problems. Answered by CCRIDER 11 months ago Colbert, host of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, took to Twitter with a joke about one of the major issues that Disney+ users have been hitting -- buffering. If the issue is still not resolved, reset the video device by unplugging it for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. Disney bought a majority stake in the company back in 2017, in The symptoms shown by a PS4 with audio/video issues include a flickering screen, no audio or video and both no audio and video. 1. There is nothing wrong with the box, TV or HDMI as I’ve tested with other apps and sound plays with no issues. This ONLY happens on Disney+, and seems to happen on ANY show we watch on Disney+. It is very easy. On your TV speaker settings, set the Digital Audio Output to PCM. These are our favorites. Disney Plus error codes sometimes bring the magic of Disney's streaming to a shuddering halt. sometimes the sound just cuts, Issues connecting with your service. Disney Plus issues? I've noticed that videos on Disney+ don't work if I'm using Edge. If set to NONE, then change to OPT setting. I have a 4k TV with dolby vision HDR. Issue 1 - Using Sky Q (UK) when pausing a TV programme and restarting - there is no sound on recommencement. Many users have complained about numerous issues. Why You Are Facing Disney + Blue/Black/Green Screen Errors. 99 per year). As seen with the recent mini-outages on Disney Plus, you get told You can try connecting Disney Plus using Chromecast, Firestick or AirPlay as well. 1 and one with 2. When you find something you like, click the “+” next to the play button. Once these steps have been carried out, the clicking sound should be turned off during navigation. I'm having an issue with their audio where it'll play from the living room receiver surround sound speakers no problem, but as soon as I use Bluetooth connected headphones, no audio. If you're still experiencing audio issues, try switching the audio setting on your device to stereo sound. 1. They have been many misunderstanding issues with the service as the number of subscribers is going quite high. A lot – not all, but a lot – of the issues people were complaining about had to do with their own ISP and its inability to stream HD content. To most easily rectify the problem, turn off the internet But the main hope is that Disney will get it together and issue a fix to the problems altogether. After a free seven-day trial, the service costs $6. Start by signing up here for a free week trial, or get your favorite movies, shows, and sports for one low price by bundling Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus right here! The inability to fix the problem reflects poorly on both Disney and Samsung. Use Sonos beam connected to TV via HDMI on Sky Q. 99 for a year to have stero sound. Now this only has issues with the Android TV app (I understand most people probably have Samsung tvs here). Even after the price hike to $8 per month, Disney Plus remains a great value with thousands of Disney-owned TV shows and Disney Plus phone number. (Disney Plus) is a video streaming service, offered by Disney. ) Login Problems. A new event is going on and I want to use it . Check your audio settings On TV-connected devices, visit the settings menu and ensure that Stereo (or Normal) is selected for audio. Unplug your Fire Stick power source, wait 30 seconds and plug it back in before messing with your audio settings. Where is the continue watching list or maybe a favorite list? Disney should not have launched the service before these basic features were added and the bugs … Read more » Digital Services and Device Support › Fire TV Support › Content Issues on Fire TV › Home Theater Audio is Out of Sync If the video on your TV doesn't match the audio on your speakers, adjust with Lip Sync Tuning. 3. And then it worked properly. The situation at least seems to be improving. First, when Disney provides a Dolby Atmos or DTS HD Master Audio mix with one of its films on Blu-ray or 4K Blu-ray, it pretty much invariably sounds much quieter than the That was certainly strange, but now, there’s a new Disney Plus issue that’s causing all kinds of grief. If you can’t get optical audio output to work or the audio is not in stereo or surround sound, there are a few things that you can try to troubleshoot the issue. Having issues watching Disney+? Troubleshoot top problems: supported devices, downloads, concurrent streams, login issues, error messages, 4K, subtitles. Plus, the problem was intermittent, as well. Close your browser or app and open it again. There could’ve been a hiccup when processing your credentials, so this should resolve the issue. 99 monthly payment. What are the common streaming video sound errors, I have a Dolby atmos sound bar and everything else works but for some reason the highest sound quality on the Disney plus app on Xbox is 5. The fast forward feature is lame and slow. 99 per month (or $69. Disney+ has a Dolby Atmos problem. In between steps, try watching Disney+ again to check if the issue is resolved. Disney+ (Disney Plus) is a video streaming service, offered by Disney. For some reason they get to the initial loading screen and then it seems to freeze. If you have problems with any of the audio described titles on Disney+, please call or email the Disney+ Help Desk : 888-905-7888. Find the “ Navigation Sounds ” option and disable it. In addition to all of the Disney+ titles with audio description listed above, Disney has listed some movies on their platform with “Coming Soon” dates. Google resets my sound device output even after doing nthe abve,have no such issues in MS Edge. Unlike the initial general teething issues, the problem hasn’t gone away nor is it resigned to users in the U. The issues are two fold. Because each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check the sound status after completing each step. 1 audio format used by most streaming services. Netflix, Prime and HBO GO transmitting DD 5. In late March 2020, it finally expanded to India and other Here are the three biggest issues with Disney+; from app crashing to missing features to confusing pricing with the bundles, plus advice on how to navigate it all. 1 surround sound. You might want to try and refresh the Disney+ app if things aren’t working fine. Select 'Expert Settings', choose 'Digital Output Audio Format', and set it to the appropriate format. Disney+ Account Sign In. Basic AirPlay troubleshooting tips Moving to a more basic subset of troubleshooting tips, there are some issues that have been cropping up with AirPlay itself. Make In 2020, Disney added a net of 30 titles per month. One of my favorite shows of 2019 was The At $8. Disney Plus Live Chat. Fix it. Disney largely fixed this issue and now Error EXCEPT when using Disney Plus. While we don’t have an exact launch time just yet, it looks like the service will be going live at 9:00AM EST. Try changing the cables, one at a time. The videos would play without any audio output. There are some common Disney Plus issues as reported by the users, such as the buffering issues. To enjoy the highest-quality Disney+ experience, all components should suppo These days we're all streaming a lot more video than we used to and sometimes it just doesn't sound right. disney plus sound issues